• Is your video ready to be submitted on YouTube for fame?

    Now, just make sure to follow these simple steps.

    Video should be 720 to 1080 p and submitter must own right to the video.

    Clip should be of a more than a 30min stretch drive road recording via a dash cam with clear visibility OR a gaming recording showing both the player on a small window and the game on the full screen window. 

    Kids content, should adhere to YouTube Kids policy.

  • Map your roads by video while showcasing your gaming experience!

    Upload will only be complete a week after content is submitted to our channel and not in violation of copyright strikes.

    Content should be sent via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer.com WeSendit.com or any other cloud file sending App.

    Only shortlisted content will be eligible for upload.

    Enjoy the ride to fame!